North Straub Park & South Straub Park : St. Petersburg’s Best Parks

Located just around the Museum of Fine Arts, North Straub Park and South Straub Park are an easy draw from both big St. Petersburg events and quiet retreats in the shade. These parks feature scenic views, a recreation trail, a stage for varied entertainment and nearly 5 acres of lush landscaping. 

North Straub Park is located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg and offers gorgeous views to whoever walks along its paths. 

South Straub Park is a beautiful park located south of 2nd Ave NE near The St. Petersburg Yacht Club.This location offers stunning water views, and a quick access point to many restaurants and coffee shops. Sail boats, yachts and other water sports can be frequently seen on this side of the park.

Park Features 

  • Waterfront Park
  • Scenic View the Pier
  • Events Stage Area
  • Bayside Recreational Trail
  • 4.8 Acres
  • Shaded Walkways and Benches

If you’re looking for a quick visit to some green space just outside of downtown St. Petersburg then this park is perfect. The parking is plentiful on a normal day as well with metered parking along the sides of many of the parks.

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